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World's Finest Filter Wrench

World's Finest Filter Wrench

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A Tools of Many Uses

No Marks Left

The dimpled fabric/rubber strap has great strength and grip but leaves no tell tale marks. Perfect for chrome and painted surfaces.

Handles Thin Wall Material

Perfect for thin wall pipes. Roundwrench is designed to grip round and irregular shaped parts.

Great for Home Water Filters

The perfect tool for changing home filter systems.

Versatile, Heavy Duty

The Roundwrech was developed with a purpose, to provide a heavy duty versatile tool that will handle everything from changing an oil filter on construction equipment to opening a stubborn jar at home.

We've been in business for almost 30 years. Over 200,000 wrenches have been sold.

I've been using a Roundwrench since 1993 when they first came to market. Can't think of a more versatile tool.

Dean Higgins